Professional Growth Plan


Standard 3: Management:


v     A competent school administrator is an educational leader who promotes the success of all students by ensuring management of the organization, operations, and resources for a safe, efficient, and effective learning environment.


A well-organized building is an environment where education can be maximized. When a school administrator can organize the movements of faculty, staff, and students, that person then possesses the skill of management.  An organized system, with every person involved understanding his or her role within the system, is a safe system.  When dealing with people’s children, ensuring their safety becomes the number one priority.

In order to have my management skills grow, I must build upon what already exists.  In my classroom I have taken attendance and grades, and maintained an orderly classroom.  I need to expand this level of organization and management. I began this building process by coaching the high school speech team.  I had to arrange the competition schedule, work within a confining budget, order buses, request the use of the school building for the tournament the I hosted, and hire and pay judges.  This coaching position helped me grow and an organizer.

I would like to take this growth to the next level.  By working in a high school of over 1,450 students, I have the opportunity to help organize the master schedule for the entire school. I will assist the assistant principal in this daunting task.  This will include processing schedule requests by all of the teachers, arranging flexible classes around the static classes (e.g. Band/Orchestra), and balancing student requests for classes with rooms and faculty that are available.




Expected completion

Study previous and current schedules


Discuss different courses/sections with lead teachers


Review student schedule requests


Process teacher requests


Begin building schedule


Complete Schedule



Resources Needed


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